Sidran Foundation

Web-Seite der Sidran Foundation, die Unterstützung für Personen mit posttraumatischen Störungen, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit sowie Information und Ausbildung für Fachleute bietet. (englischsprachig!)

Die Sidran Foundaton hat eine ganz besondere Geschichte:

"Sidran (SID-run) began in 1986 out of a family tragedy when a beloved family member who had been abused in childhood was subsequently diagnosed with serious, debilitating psychiatric problems and a related life-threatening medical disorder. Frustrated in their search for help for the complex needs of their family member at the time, the Sidran family convened professionals from a variety of disciplines, support program representatives, and national organizations to determine how they could best help their own loved one, and others. With each meeting it became apparent that gaps in basic understanding existed in service delivery, continuity of care, public policy, and sound research.

We were stunned by the lack of knowledge, information, and support we encountered, and became resolute in our desire to help expand the resources available for other recovering trauma survivors, their families, and caregivers.
          -Sheila Sidran Giller, Founding Board Member
After assisting their own family member, the Sidran family decided to use their personal struggle and hard obtained knowledge to create an organization to fill these gaps. Sidran Institute now provides useful, practical information for child and adult survivors of any type of trauma, for families/friends, and for the clinical and frontline service providers who assist in their recovery.  Sidran’s philosophy of education through collaboration brings together great minds (providers, survivors, and loved ones) to develop comprehensive programs to address the practical, emotional, spiritual and medical needs of trauma survivors.
The Sidran family provided the Institute’s founding gift and continues to provide approximately 10 percent of the organization's operating funds annually."

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